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Have you experienced crying, kicking, falling on the ground, doing all three in the middle of a shop?
Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many parents experience these types of difficulties taking their child to the shops or getting their hair cut. Some even experience difficulties trying to help their child with their toileting.
If your child appears distressed or screaming or simply refusing to perform an everyday task, it could mean that they are having difficulty in understanding what is about to happen or what your expectation for them is. An easy but effective tool to try is a simple This/Then chart, a pictorial list or even a social “What to Do” script. These set out the steps or expectation using simple images.
The Bundaberg Toy Library has Spectronics Board maker and Writing With Symbols computer CDs available for borrowing. This program enables you to create clear simple symbols and images which can be used in a way that suits you, your child and the event or circumstance.
Next time you’re in the Toy Library, ask our Education Advisor about this and for more ideas.

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