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Educational Advice

Bundaberg Toy Library – Open for Fun & Learning! 🙂

Educational Advice

Our Equipment and Resources:
The Bundaberg Toy Library has a wide variety of educational resources that are linked to the Australian Curriculum. We currently have resources in Science, Technology, English, Mathematics, Geography and Health & Physical Education.

Our resources are purchased to assist with all areas of development,
including the following areas:
Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development
Perceptual Motor Development
Sensory Awareness and Stimulation
Thinking and Problem-Solving
Numeracy and Literacy
Speech and Language
Social Skills and Role Play

We also have a wide range of adaptive resources and disability
specific equipment including:

Walking frames
Modified bikes
Beach wheelchairs
Seating and Positioning equipment
Communication devices

We Believe:

  • Through play children learn and develop many skills.
  • Play enables children to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.
  • Early intervention is essential for children with special needs or suspected disabilities.
  • Support for education and therapy programs gives children the opportunity to succeed and achieve their maximum potential.
  • Families need support to provide stimulating but cost-effective play opportunities for their children.
  • Every child can participate in and achieve their learning goals within the learning environment.

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