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Terms and Conditions

Bundaberg Toy Library – Open for Fun & Learning! 🙂

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. The borrowing of any item under this agreement shall be for a period of one month.

2. The borrower may request an extension before the end of the period. The granting of such an extension is at the discretion of the coordinator.

3. Toys are to be returned cleaned and packed in the containers or bags provided. The Bundaberg Disability Resource Centre and Toy Library reserves the right to charge a minimum $10 fee per item to cover cleaning costs.

4. It is important that adult supervision is provided to avoid damage to, or loss of, equipment.

5. Protect large equipment from the weather and cover or shelter it from the weather.

6. On return of equipment report any loss or damage to the coordinator. If missing pieces are located after equipment return, return them on your next visit. Equipment damaged by other than normal wear and tear may incur additional costs to the borrower.

7. Failure to return items will result in the issuing an account for the value of the outstanding items and possible removal of further borrowing privileges.

8. The borrower of any item is responsible and to be aware of any safety regulations in relation to the use of equipment e.g. soft fall, helmets, etc

9. If there is an urgent need by another member for a resource, it may be recalled at an earlier date.

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