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Toy Loans

Bundaberg Toy Library – Open for Fun & Learning! 🙂

Toys and Resources for Loan

With over 3,000 toys available, you will be able to find something that captures your child’s imagination at a low yearly cost!

The toys are fun, durable and stimulating. Our staff are always on hand to give you great tips and ideas. Members may borrow up to 8 items for 4 weeks. Organisation members may borrow more items depending on membership level.

A gentle reminder:

  • members are responsible for the toys they borrow. We understand that sometimes accidents happen, however if a toy is damaged or lost fines or replacement costs may apply.
  • members are also responsible for ensuring their children wear helmets while using bikes and scooters.
  • please click on link for a complete list of Terms and Conditions of Membership

Toys for Playing & Learning


  • EARLY LEARNING BABY TOYS – selected according to key developmental stages
  • SOCIAL AND ROLE PLAY TOYS – toy houses, puppets, animal sets, kitchens, tools and work benches
  • DISCOVERY TOYS – construction sets, threading, magnets and water play
  • GAMES – family favourites as well as excellent games designed for pre-schoolers
  • MUSIC – variety of instruments
  • TRANSPORT – train sets, cars, trucks, boats, planes and airports, garages and town mats
  • PUZZLES – ranging from toddler jigsaw puzzles to more complex pictures
  • OUTDOOR AND ACTIVE – ride-on vehicles, slides, see-saws, climbing sets and sports equipment

Disability Specific Equipment and Adaptive Toys


  • WALKING FRAMES – Crocodile walker, Kaye walker, Rifton pacer
  • MODIFIED BIKES – adaptive bikes for children with additional needs
  • WHEELCHAIRS – Beach, Electric, Stroller & Hippocampe
  • SEATING AND POSITIONING EQUIPMENT – Jenx, Kelly, Lecky, Tilt chairs and Hokki stools
  • SWITCH ADAPTED TOYS – Stuffed animals, Light and Sound, Jelly switches
  • COMMUNICATION DEVICES – Go talk, BoardMaker, Laptop Communicator, Step by step communicator

More about Toy Libraries

Saving money and space
Impact on the Environment

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